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Why I've been quiet

It's been a while since my last (and first) post. I could name all the excuses I have, but the truth is I just didn't feel like writing anything down.

In July, I graduated, moved to a different country and have since been trying to find a job during a time where the job market is overcrowded, not just with vacancies, but with people who are in need of earning money.

I can be lucky to have enough money to keep me going for a while, but obviously that's not the goal. And this is also not the point of my post.

My point is: We all get busy. We all have lives. We all have phases where we lack motivation (big time). And that is ok. What's not ok is beating yourself up for it, thinking you need to do more.

We live in a world where we always try to do better, more and achieve greater things. I have great plans for my future that I really don't want to give up, and they all won't be achievable unless I work hard for them and change my priorities. But getting caught in these kind of things is dangerous. I've seen so many people (personally connected to me) being dedicated and hustling 24/7, never taking a break and striving for bigger and greater goals. Most of them ended up tired, exhausted and often with a disease. All of those people are now saying it was not worth it and have completely changed their lifestyle.

Working off your arse is not worth it if it takes away all important aspects of your life. And while we all need some sort of occupation on the daily and a goal to strive towards to, we should not forget that we are on this planet not to make a shit ton of money, but to live peacefully. Simple. Forgetting yourself and what matters to you takes away all your peace. Nothing is worth that.

Think about what you will treasure the most when your time comes to an end. What would you be grateful for having had and what would you regret? That's the big questions we need to ask ourselves.

We all hate the C word, and I myself am tired of hearing it too, but this pandemic has turned all walls into glass. We are seeing things that needed to be seen, heard things that needed to be heard. I bet there is a lot of people out there who are glad they could take a break from work because of this, as they would've otherwise ended up in a hospital. So many people have found their passion for personal development, taking care of their mental health and not just their physical health. We have learned how precious social contacts are to us.

This was a sign. We shouldn't forget this. We're all falling back into old habits way too quickly. That's scary. How about we try not to?

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